To further the DESERT FOOD cause in Germany, Kenya and the rest of the world
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The DESERT FOOD Foundation is looking for a new director with in-depth development and agriculture experience to manage- and to set new trajectories for DESERT FOOD.

The DESERT FOOD Foundation’s objective is to mitigate the severe consequences of desertification, through the smart, entrepreneurial and culturally appropriate implementation of cutting-edge solar, desalination and agricultural drip irrigation technologies in the world’s deserts: Solar capitalises the enormous energy potential of the sun, desalination technologies make the vast salt water resources accessible to human consumption, while agricultural drip irrigation technologies prevent water loss and evaporation. Equipped with these technologies, DESERT FOOD establishes decentralised, community led farms and fresh water fountains in the world’s arid and semi-arid regions and thereby fosters sustainable livelihood systems in areas where traditional ways of life are significantly threatened by increasing resource scarcity, famine and poverty.

Innovative technologies alone, however, are not in themselves sufficient to assure sustainable development in arid desert regions. DESERT FOOD is firmly convinced that its farms need to achieve financial autonomy to become truly sustainable. To assure such financial autonomy the thus far high maintenance and repair costs of desalination technologies must be compensated for with highly efficient and profitable agricultural production systems. And this is not as straight forward as in the western world: The establishment of such systems is often complicated by high poverty levels and bad infrastructure, as well as distinct cultural patterns that require close consideration.

Therefore, DESERT FOOD upholds a multidisciplinary agenda in order to truly advance sustainable, climate resilient development in desert regions: The foundation mobilises the high potential of new innovations, integrates these technologies in optimised agribusiness models, which in turn are strongly oriented according to the socio-cultural and economic context.

So far, DFF is still at the very beginning. A little more than a year ago a first pilot project has been set up in Turkana Kenya. The pilot includes a communal fresh water fountain and a one-hectare large farm, which currently employs ten families. In the last year, most efforts have been dedicated to assuring the technological functioning of the pilot and to conduct thorough market studies of the region. A lot has been learned. The next steps will now be to assure the pilot’s financial sustainability, in order to then capitalise the many lessons learned in the establishment of further DESERT FOOD projects. (E.g. promising new trajectories might arise from innovative cooperation approaches with refugee camps in North African countries).

This is where you come in:
As DESERT FOOD Director you will have the responsibility to carry on the Foundation’s current developments, to expand the Foundation’s impact and to set new trajectories for the Foundation’s future. Amongst others, your tasks will include:
- Devising a new systematic expansion strategy (including the exploration of new DESERT FOOD locations, as well as possibilities to transform the foundation into-, or merge it with a social enterprise);
- Establishing a long-term finance strategy;
- Assembling and coordinating a dedicated team;
- Networking with high-profile partners, stakeholders, board members and investors.

Your Profile:
- You have in-depth prior experience in international development and agricultural projects (ideally in desert contexts);
- You are an excellent networker with extensive fundraising experience;
- You contribute long-term management experience;
- You are an assertive problem solver with a strong entrepreneurial spirit;
- You are passionate about the DESERT FOOD cause.

We offer:
Competitive pay depending on your experience.

If We Have Raised Your Interest...
... we look forward to your application. Please send your CV and cover letter to
Organisation DESERT FOOD Foundation
Einsatzort In the DESERT FOOD Office in Pullach, Germany & at the DESERT FOOD Pilot in Turkana, Kenya
Art der Stelle Professioneller Job
Themenbereich Umwelt, Entwicklungshilfe, Soziales, Agenda 21 / Nachhaltigkeit, Internationale Projektarbeit, Ökologische Landwirtschaft
Aktivitäten Büroarbeit, Netzwerkarbeit, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Internationale Projektarbeit, Fundraising, Landwirtschaft / Erntehelfer / Gartenbau, Alternative Energien, Exkursionen, Kampagnen Arbeit, Projektmanagement, Beratung/Planung,
Medienarbeit: Internet,
Computer: Internet
Angebote Anreisekosten, Eigener Arbeitsplatz
Ausbildungen keine
Zertifikate Zeugnis
Gesprochene Sprachen Deutsch, Englisch
Bezahlung über 3000 € pro Monat
Vorraussetzungen Computerkenntnisse, Studium, Berufserfahrung
Kenntnisse keine
Vorausgesetzte Sprachen Deutsch, Englisch
Dauer der Stelle nach Absprache
Gültigkeit der Stelle unbefristet
Bitte Bewerben bei
Theresa Reisch
Zugspitzstrasse 15
82049 Pullach
0049-(89) 55277-0