Agriculture and Environment Project
This program wants to reduce pollution of the beautiful and unique environment of our region. We want to train children, youths and adults to love and conserve nature and to save energy.

This includes the recycling project for the separation of garbage and the “clean vegetable” project, in which we want to support the production of organic food.

The volunteers’ activities will include:

- producing organic vegetables and mushrooms
- creating a compost
- working in a rubber plantation, a fruit garden or on a paddy field
- raising animals such as fish, chicken or cattle
- planting trees
- collecting garbage e.g. at the waterfall, the temple
- supporting the recycling activity at school
- selling products in the local market
- promoting the use of cloth bags instead of plastic bags and of banana leaves to pack food
- promote the use of bicycles and the saving of energy


- learn about the way of life in the village
- teach the locals about nature-friendly behavior and make them conscious to environmental concerns
Organisation Ban Roean Ram
Location Ban Roean Ram, Bang Klam, Songkhla Province
Kind of job workcamp
subject area Environment, Eco farming, Waste / recycling, Forest
Actividades Education, Farming / Agriculture / Gardening, Social welfare, Environmental actions
Offerings Food, Accommodation
Educations Language course
Certificates Confirmation of interships
Spoken Languages English
Payment no payment
Requirements none
Skills none
Age limits 18 — 
Required languages English
Teilnahme Unkosten depends on the length of your stay (e.g. 142 ? /2 weeks); see:
Start of job 05/19/2008 — 05/19/2009
Job duration up to one year
Gültigkeit der Stelle unlimited
Weitere Bewerbungsinfo for more information on the conditions of your stay, see:

Send your application e-mail to:
please apply at
Contact persons
Jatuporn Jitprapan
51 M. 1 Tachang
90110 Bangklam, Songkhla Province, THAILAND
Rest of the world
+ 66 86 2939 454
+ 66 86 2939 454