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I arrived at Sunseed early morning without really knowing what to expect. Fifteen smiling faces where sitting at the beautiful outside area, attending a workshop about impacts of non-organic cleaning and beauty products and invited me to join. Only one week has passed since that moment – a week full of weeding, planting and harvesting, knowledge sharing about renewable energies, irrigation systems and organic agriculture; a week full of incredible delicious food, jam sessions around a campfire and at the neighbor's house and extended walks in the beautiful mountains. A week that inspired me so much, that motivated me so much to keep on working to realize my dreams and to be the change I want to see on this planet.

Sunseed is an amazing demonstration that it is possible to minimize your economic footprint without losing any live quality. It shows how enriching it is to live in a community, to share your knowledge, how delicious vegan food can be and how beautiful life can be if we break out of the circle that office work has to be the center of our lives and future fears have to ruin the joy of the moment.

I can recommend everybody to stop spinning the hamster wheel, to come here to join Sunseed, get inspired and spread the idea in the world.

Franziska Kohler - Volunteer at Sunseed Feb-March 2011
Organisation Sunseed Desert Technology
Location Sunseed, Sorbas
Kind of job community service
subject area Environment, International project work, Ecological building, Eco farming, Protecting of species and nature, Alternative energies, Waste / recycling, Climatic protection, Alternative living
Actividades Research, Education, International project work, Driving license, Art / Culture, Alternative energies, Excursions, Project management,
Computer: Internet
Offerings Food, Accommodation
Educations none
Certificates Certificate, Confirmation of interships
Spoken Languages English, Spanish
Payment no payment
Requirements none
Skills none
Required languages English
Job duration prior consultation
Gültigkeit der Stelle unlimited
please apply at
Organisation Location Responsible body organisation
Contact persons
Patricia Cañas
Apdo 9
04270 Sorbas, Almería
Apdo 9
04270 Sorbas, Almería
0034 950 525 770 0034 950 525 770