Help to build our intentional nature-community, Schoensee, Bavaria, Germany
Construction work and vegan cooking
We are an Eco-Community in Bavaria, founded in 2016. We took over a former vacation village in the beautiful natural area close to the Czech border, which used to be "the end of the world" from both sides for decades.
By our way of living we aim to contribute an important step towards a world, where all beings can live in peace, trust, freedom, joy and connectedness.
Currently we are approx. 50 grownups of all ages, 20 children, 2 horses and several cats and dogs and are still open to new members.

Workcamp Eco Bungalows - 4th of June until 25th of August 2017
Autonomous supply of energy from renewable sources, reconstruction in accordance with biological building principles and the creative realization of community-oriented housing forms.
Would you like to help to convert poorly insulated bungalows from the 1970s, which were operated with electric heating into modern eco-houses? Work will include walls, roofs, floors, windows, doors, insulation, solar heating, heat storage, heat distribution, wood stove, painting. Please be aware that the work can sometimes be hard and dusty. Apart from the bungalows there is also some work to be done on the main buildings, e.g. renovation of the leaky roofs, improvement of the heat distribution, etc..
For this workcamp we are looking for about 20 people.

You cannot only learn about ecological building, but also actively participate in our community life.

You meet every day with the group for a common start and an evening round with conversation or other activities.
New volunteers are invited to join every Sunday.
We are looking for people who are able to get things done, have manual skills and experience and enjoy working and living together with us in the nature community.
To relax your tired bones after work we have a Sauna and a Jacuzzi, and there are lakes nearby.

Update 14.06.: We started the work camp in the beginning of June and a nice international crowd starts coming together as a team, integrated in the whole community. We are happy and thankful about the good energy together and the work progress!

Update 22.06.: We have such amazing helpers here and our experiences so far are very positive, so we decided that we want look for people to help us with cooking as well. If you have experience with cooking for about 50 people you are welcome to join our vegan magicians in the community kitchen! It´s also possible to split the working-week in both cooking and building.

You will have a shared or individual room (if available) or sleep in your own tent. Vegan meals are provided.

Working: Maximum 5 hours a day, 5 days a week

We speak German, English and Spanish
Organisation Nature Community
Location Nature Community
Kind of job workcamp
subject area Ecological building, Alternative energies, Alternative living
Actividades Building / Renovation, Cooking, Alternative energies
Offerings Food, Accommodation
Educations none
Certificates none
Spoken Languages German, English, Spanish
Payment no payment
Requirements none
Requirements, other Motivation is more important than experience! Just for the kitchen we are looking for experienced people!
Skills none
Age limits 18 — 99
Start of job 02/16/2018 — 12/01/2018
Job duration prior consultation
Gültigkeit der Stelle limited
please apply at
Contact persons
Gerhard von Bültzingsloewen
St. Hubertus 1
92539 Schönsee