Volunteer for Childcare and Housekeeping
We are a couple in our 40s living in the countryside in Italy, the region is Umbria.The nearest town closed to us is Città di Castello(15km).
In september our twins will be born and so we would like to have some help for the general housekeeping, cooking, shopping and child care.We have another daughter, 4 years old and we would like to have a help for her too,bringing and picking her up from the kindergarten f.e.
So a driver license is fundamental.
We are running an eco village project, have a farmer activity started, have a vegetable garden, two dogs, one cat and some chicken.
The duration of the exchange should be at least one month starting from the second have of september.Previous experience with children and pedagogic skills are very welcome.
We speak italian, english, french, spanish.
In the winter we can offer you a single bedroom,possible common room in spring and summer,
bathroom and common kitchen and Internet.
Our everyday life is also connected to the development of a community project so we have often visitors.We host workshop and seminars, non violent communication, natural health care, dragon dreaming.The volunteer could participate to these events.
We also practice permaculture and simply life style as much near to the nature as we can.
Organisation Che Passo
Location Candeggio
Kind of job foreign civilian service
subject area Tourism, Alternative living
Actividades Children and youth work, Cooking, Driving license, animal husbandry
Offerings Food, Accommodation
Educations none
Certificates none
Spoken Languages English, French, Spanish, Italian
Payment no payment
Requirements drivers license, Independent work
Skills none
Start of job 09/15/2014 — 
Job duration prior consultation
Gültigkeit der Stelle limited
please apply at
Organisation Location
Contact persons
Michela Campani
Michela Campani
Località Candeggio, 1/b
06012 Città di Castello (PG)
Località Candeggio, 1/b
06012 Città di Castello (PG)
+39 075 8526282