Amazee all new

18. September 2008 · 12:17 · Age: 14 Jahre

Finally the day has come! Today Amazee present all new and polished! But Amazee is not only looking fresh like a new-born, we also added truckloads of new features.
Additionally to the normal sponsoring you now have the possibility to attract adsponsors to your projects. Adsponsoring means everyone's a winner:
If a sponsor likes a project, he can place his banner or some free text right next to a project magazine and  receive 50% of the revenue.
Another new feature is the pro membership! If you'd like to make use of our special features like running a private project, an advanced search or unlimited file uploading capacity, we strongly recommend one of those fair-priced pro memberships. And because we at Amazee are advocating engagement, 10% of each pro membership fee goes into what we call the "Amazee Bucket". Each year we'll distribute the Bucket's funds among the best 3 projects on Amazee.
As a thank you for commitment and activity on Amazee over the last months, amazee give you a free three months pro membership worth $19.95. After that time period you are free to decide if you'd like to further profit from the pro membership features. In any case, no membership that costs you will extend automatically. So you keep complete control at any time.
Enough words for now, go on, start exploring ! Check out the new dashboard, profile options and so on ...