"Tour de Natur" - German Bicycle Demonstration for Sustainable Traffic Policy and Living

03. March 2007 · 12:22 · Age: 15 Jahre

July, 29th - August, 11th 2007 from Nürnberg via Würzburg to Darmstadt

Tour de Natur on tour!

The "Tour de Natur" is an annual bicycle tour through different regions in Germany and neighbouring countries. 2007 is the 17th year of this project. The political dimension of the tour aims to support local initiatives, e.g. against the construction of new motorways, for the preservation of small railway lines or for more safety for cyclists. We want to enjoy nature and help to protect it. During the tour we will have lots of fun activities such as street theatre, dancing, music, juggling and more. The "Tour de Natur" is a
self-organized project and relies on the commitment of many people.
Usually we experience an unique solidarity and community spirit among the participants. The "tour-food" is organic, vegetarian and mainly provided by local farmers. We expect about 100-150 participants between 0 and 99 years. Daily cycling distance is 30-60 km. For more information (unfortunatelly only in German) check or write an e-mail (possible also in English) to tourdenatur(at)