Help and manual

To offer a job you have to complete three (Organisation, Job location and Job) different input forms after each other. If you want to offer more jobs you would just have to fill out the job form and maby the job location form. Additionaly you can add further persons to your organisation and assign them (while entering jobs) as contact persons to your organisation or location.

Please fill out the below described forms on the administration page.

  1. Organisation  (f.e. "Greenpeace", "NABU")
    Basics of your organisation: This will be the hangout sign of your organisation. Here you can describe your organisations work, goals and activities with text and image and categorise the type and work area.
  2. Contact persons
    Here you can add all persons who can offer information to job seekers or alternativly (after completing an additional step) should also be able to enter jobs here.
  3. Job Location (f.e. "dartmoor")
    This are the places where the jobs are offered. That could be the same place as your organisation or a place completly elsewhere. Here you can find the description of the place and information about the envirnment and adress.
  4. Job (f.e. "public relation")
    This is the actual job offer with lots of options to specify your job offer details. Please take your time here to make your offer accurate, so more people can find the information. This section is devided into four subsections basic data, offerings of the position, requirements and application details.

This modular concept offers you the possibility to enter a new job without having to enter all data again. The structure makes it also much more comfortable for the seeker to find information about your job.

We are sorry, there is no more english help information aviable up to now.

Please try to find answers in the german version.