Newly created organic certified (Ecocert) farm located in a beautiful valley
in a village classified as one of the most beautiful village of France. A
river crosses the property. We mainly work the land with horses. Help is
needed all year round for farm and forest work: growing and harvesting
vegetables and fruits; orchard maintenance and creation; animal husbandry
(horses, sheeps, gooses, ducks and chicken); chopping wood; bread making and
selling; fruits, fruits and vegetables selling; general maintenance (like
fences repairing; farm cleaning; etc). Food is vegetarian and we are aiming
at self-sufficiency. We speak French, English and Spanish.
Our farm is 15 hectares of fruit trees, vegetables, pasture and forest. We
are located in a wonderfull valley crossed by a river, close to an old
abbey. It is our first year and we'll start selling our products in July,
so, as you can guess, there is a lot to do. We try to work as much as we can
with two horses, which is a very interesting experience. We also have
poneys, sheep, hens, ducks...

You would work with us : picking fruits and vegetables and selling them,
weeding, work and care of the animals, making bread and jam... The basis we
ask is 6 hours a day, 6 days a week (including some kitchen help). We try to
make this experience as interesting as possible for you, so than you can
learn in different fields, according to your demand. We want it to be a
generous exchange for both.

Ferme bio créée cette année recherche des volontaires à l'année pour nous
aider dans tous les travaux de la ferme: entretien, cueillettes et
récoltes, productions (confiture, pain etc), soins aux animaux (poules,
chevaux, moutons), vente à la ferme. Nous travaillons la terre
principalement avec des chevaux. Notre nourriture est végétarienne. Nous
parlons français, anglais et espagnol.

Neuer Öko-Hof in der Normandie sucht das ganze Jahr nach Freiwilligen, die bei allen Landarbeiten helfen können : Tierpflege (Hühner, Pferde, Schafe), Feldarbeiten, Ernte, Gemüseanbau, Pflügen. Wir pflügen nur mit Hilfe von Pferden. Bei uns wird nur vegetarisch gegessen. Es werden auch französisch, englisch und spanisch gesprochen.
organisations type farm
area Eco farming
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1, sente du Moulin au Cat
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