Helper starting a new church
We are starting new Baptist Church in small city named Gulbene in Latvia. And we would like to have more people helping us out doing that.

Ideas what we would like to make reality:
1. Path in woods for hiking! Need to cut create path, special features where groups can go trough and have exciting time!
2. Would like to build a basic place for our church near city. For that we need somebody, who knows how to build log houses, make a pond, do agriculture stuff...
3. Would like to have somebody, who has good ideas, how to attract people and involve in church growth. Anybody, who would like to help us in this church building process is more than welcomed in the way he/she can help!

You can call this - mission time!

our mission is - build new church, which gonna build new churches like multiplication of Christ church!

We can not offer any wage!
We can offer only place to live for 1 - 3 months.
Organisation Baptist Church
Lieu d'Intervention Gulbene small town
Type d'emploi D ‘autres services volontaires
domaine Engagement social, Travail international en projets, Forêt
Activités Recherche scientifique, Travail international en projets, Travail social,
Média: Internet, Radio, Journal, Attaché de presse,
Ordinateur: Internet
Offres Logement
Formations aucun
Certificats aucun
Langues parlées Anglais, Letton
Paiement pas de paiement
Prérequis aucun
Qualifications aucun
Altersgrenze 18 — 50
Langues requises Anglais
Teilnahme Unkosten 200 Eur per month are living cost in this town
Début de l'emploi 17/01/2009 — 19/01/2009
Durée du travail préconsultation
Gültigkeit der Stelle pour une durée illimitée
délai de candidature 18/01/2017
svp , appliquer à
Lieu d'emploi
Maris Dembovskis
Lika iela 25a - 74
LV 4401 Gulbene
+ 371 26176287