*LOOKING for a CARPENTER or JOINER who wants to help us with projects at our farm!*
We have a lot of projects waiting for you, who is interessted and experienced with wooden work!
Skrattåsen, this is the name of our farm in middelnorway. It is placed 2 hours north of Trondheim, which has an airport, close to a city called Steinkjer. The main focus of our farm is the milk production. In addition to that we grow vegetables, herbs and berrys/fruit in our own garden. Most of it for our own use but also to sell. A large area of the forest surrounding the farm belongs to us as well. We take care of it, get firewood from there and materials to build.
All year round we have young people as volunteers/helpers on our farm. After a while they become members of our big family. Together with all of them we achieved a lot!
We have a lot of project on the farm to build new buildings, make new furniture, renovate old buildings, take down old buildings and put up new ones and a lot of other exciting things! So we are looking for some one who has experience with wood work, because we build and renovate with wood partial from our own forest.
The projects will be carried out at our farm together with some of us.
If you want, you also have the possibility to get to know the work at a farm.
We are looking foreward to hear from you!
Organisation Familie Hauffen
Lieu d'Intervention Bauernhof
Type d'emploi D ‘autres services volontaires
domaine Construction écologique, Agriculture écologique, Energies alternatives, Forêt, Vie alternative
Activités Travaux / Rénovation, Agriculture / horticulture, Protection en pratique, de la nature
Offres Alimentation, Logement, Vêtements de fonction, Outils, Possibilité de conduite de projets personnels
Formations Offre de formation
Certificats Certificat, Confirmation de stage
Langues parlées Allemand, Anglais, Norvégien, Portugais, Suédois
Paiement pas de paiement
Prérequis Travail indépendant
Prérequis, autre experience with wood
Qualifications Capacités artistiques,
La connaissance sur des matières environnementales: Connaissance générale
Altersgrenze 18 — 35
Teilnahme Unkosten travelling costs, ensurance
Début de l'emploi 02/08/2020 — 
Durée du travail préconsultation
Gültigkeit der Stelle pour une durée illimitée
svp , appliquer à
Organisation Lieu d'emploi
Fam. Hauffen
Fam. Hauffen
7717 Steinkjer
7717 Steinkjer
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