Chilcotin Ark
The Chilcotin Ark Institute is a partner organization within the Trails To Empowerment (TTE) Community. Their core values are conservation, personal development and nature connection. The Chilcotin Ark Institute is committed to sustainable land management, stewardship and conservation of wildlife. We facilitate and conduct research, conservation projects and internships in the Chilcotin Ark.

The Chilcotin Ark is a complex 2.5 million hectare ecosystem located on the lee side of the Coast Range Mountains. This region is of high ecological value on an international scale due to its high biodiversity and interconnectedness. The Chilcotin Ark is an optimal refuge for plants and animals in times of climate change. 13 of the 16 biogeoclimatic zones of British Columbia are present in the Chilcotin Ark and therefore a high biodiversity is found throughout the area. The Chilcotin Ark is home to 11 of the 29 big game species of North America.
Organisation Chilcotin Ark Institute
zone Forêt de montagne, Forêt naturel, Forêt, Mer, Rivière, Tundra,
Statut de protection (IUCN): Paysage protégé
Adresse Chilcotin Ark
Gun Creek Road
V0K 1P0 Gold Bridge
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