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27. December 2006

New: eco-jobs.info now with english version

Multi-lingual, newssection, user administration for employers and many updatings...

Since some time we work on this new version of oekojobs.de, that was only in German available. Now we are happy to offer you also an English and a French version with the domain: eco-jobs.info!
Eco-jobs.info will be a central database for job offers in the environmental area. For sure there are some small mistakes left and also the translation has sometimes...

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07. July 2011

Summercamps 2011

1. Climate Camp Italy

2. Queeristan3. Istanbul LGBT Pride Week4. Makvärket Building Festival5. Space Camp6. Climate Camp Belgium7. Animal Rights Gathering8. Anarchist Summer Camp9. War Starts...

1. Climate Camp Italy

2. Queeristan
3. Istanbul LGBT Pride Week
4. Makvärket Building Festival
5. Space Camp
6. Climate Camp Belgium
7. Animal Rights Gathering
8. Anarchist Summer Camp
9. War Starts Here
10. Ecotopia Bike Tour
11. Eco-Camp Khimki-2011
12. LUNI Summer Camp
13. DIY Bike Fest
14. European Hitchhiking Gathering
15.... [more]

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